WinAt Ticketmaster Promotion


Major prize winner: Michael Heath, Hawkesbury Heights NSW
Minor prize winner: Aneesa Dent, Kaukapakapa NZ
Promotion: WinAt Ticketmaster Promotion
Major Prize Description: $10,000 Trip of a Lifetime
Minor Prize Description: $500 Cash

Permits: Authorised under NSW Permit No. LTPS/15/07625, ACT Permit No. TP15/07553 & SA Licence No. T15/1723.
Draw Date: 10th October 2016

Competition Central drew the latest WinAt Ticketmaster Promotion winner on 10th October 2016. Mr. Heath won the Major Prize, which gave him the option to pick between:

  • Eight thousand dollar (AU$8,000) to spend on any combination of flights, cruises, bus trips, car hire (including all associated taxes), accommodation (of the winner’s choice), Ticketmaster Gift Card and two thousand dollars (AU$2,000) spending money credited to the winner’s nominated bank account or
  • Eight thousand dollars (AU$8,000) credited to the winner’s nominated bank account.

A minor prize of $500 cash was also drawn; the winner is – Aneesa Dent